Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Our Summer (post 1)

So now that I am blogging, as I have my new laptop, I can finally catch up on what we have done over the summer holidays.
If I am honest we have seen little of Beanie, he has spent nearly all of the holiday at the beach house with my parents, spending every day on the beach, no matter what the weather, playing with his cousins and being allowed an amount of freedom that most children these days will never experience. He has returned home a few times, for a promised bike ride with myself and moors-daddy, the Okehampton Show and to do his homework (making a Roman shield), and to get his feet measured and get his hair cut ready for school.

The first week of the holiday was amazing, and believe it or not, the sun did shine here in Devon for that first week. |We thought our luck was in, and that it would be like that all summer, we were kidding ourselves....
The boys were all home for that first week. The paddling pool came out, they were outside every day and we had promised Beanie, that on the Wednesday, when the little two were at Granny and Grandads that moors-daddy and I would take him on a bike ride.  He is not confident on a bike, and has only ever done one big bike ride before, but did very well and gained confidence big time. We had told him we would cycle the old railway track from Princetown, along past Yellowmead Farm, around Foggintor Quarry (the granite from which was used to make Nelson's Column and parts of London Bridge) and around King's Tor.

We set off from the car park at the entrance to Yellowmead farm, and cycled towards the quarry. Beanie struggled. The track was very bumpy, uneven and it was such a hot day. We stopped regularly for drinks, but he tired quickly. The massive puddle caused for a bit of light-heartedness. Beanie falling off his bike and landing in it, getting his feet wet, which didn't help with the motivation to continue with the ride, and mummy being dared to ride through it (without falling off I hasten to add!) We rode around the quarry and along the railway towards Princetown. We reached the little bridge before turning around and heading back.  The worst bit for me was having to cycle past a large number of army men training by the quarry, with me wearing shorts and a strappy top, more skin on show than there has been in years - head down and carry on riding!! We returned to the car and moors-daddy headed off to Pork Hill car park on his bike whilst, Beanie and I loaded our bikes into the car. We gave moors-daddy a bit of a head start and then set off, passing him coming up the hill from Merrivale. We meet him in the car park, where we had an ice cream before heading back home.

Elly xx


  1. It looks great! Seems as though you made the most of the summer!!! what little of it there was! Lucky boy!

  2. Lovely photos Elly :-) It sounds like Besnie did well,not easy riding a bike for real bike rides is it.
    P.S hope you are liking the new laptop x

  3. Thanks Tattie and Jess, it was a great ride, but hard work and yes I am loving the new laptop! xx