Sunday, 2 September 2012

The end of summer.....

Did it ever really happen?

Summer that is.
Did I blink and miss it.
Why do those six weeks go so fast. (Though I know there will be some of you out there who have been waiting for the end of this holiday for a long long time.....5 weeks perhaps!)
It seems like yesterday I was at work saying goodbye to those that were leaving and moving on to pastures new.
And yet here I am with that Sunday night feeling.
Back to the alarm going off at stupid o'clock. Back to the commute, Back to trying to remember who is looking after my kids and where they are! Back to rushed mornings, stressful evenings and yet even less time to myself.
Why does it fly by?
So tomorrow marks the start of the new school year.
New pupils to get to know, names to remember.

This term for me is probably my favourite.
We have two of the boys birthdays, Monkey's is on Friday and Beanie's the week before Christmas. We have Christmas plays, parties and concerts.
I love the fact that as soon as Monkey's birthday is over, we start planning Christmas, and I love Christmas. In fact I love winter, fires lit, warm and cosy whilst it's cold and dark outside. The possibility of snow (snow days!:) )

I am also going to get stuck into the second module of my masters. I started it when Worm was born, but struggled with his lack of sleep and my lack of 'work time', and even though he isn't much better I need to get on with it, or else I will never finish it.

So a lot is happening, and I am determined to get back to the blog. I have so much to write about from the summer holiday and the things we have got up to. Oh and my laptop hasn't turned up, it is supposed to be delivered tomorrow. ( I am on moors-daddy's and he is getting ready to go to work and all the boys are at my parents as they don't go back to school until the end of the week, a night to myself!)

So to the new term....... let's hope it's a good one and that all the children settle quickly back into routine etc etc. (and the teachers too!!)

Elly xx


  1. It's been a very fast 6 weeks here too, though there have been times I've wished it would go quicker! I also love Christmas and winter and always feel cosy when school starts again in September.

    CJ x

    1. Thanks! It goes very quickly, but I guess I have to get used to being back to work, though I wish I could stay at home with the boys! Needs must and all that. Hope you have enjoyed your holiday. Now to get excited for Christmas!

  2. Hi Elly *big waves over from me* lovely to see you blogging again,you have been missed :-)
    I DONT want to go back to work :-/ or the boys to go to school,but I guess it IS gonna happen!