Tuesday, 30 October 2012


Having mentioned the other day that I was still waiting to hear from the hospital in reference to my referral, today I received a lovely letter from my GP, apologising for the delay.
Apparently she thought she had done it 'prior to her taking leave' and that obviously it hadn't been sent. So she had done it again and that I should hear in the next few days!

So I wonder what happens next.
Part of me is eager to get on with it.
Part of me doesn't want to know.
I know that it will get worse.
The pain at the moment is bearable (most of the time).
I try not to think about it and I don't tell moors-daddy how much it hurts.
Things you take for granted.......
Today I filled the car up with diesel, pulling the trigger on the pump caused pain in my wrist and thumb, using a tin opener, writing, typing, pushing the pram. I know I can take my medication that I have already been prescribed, but I hate taking medication. Though sometimes I have no choice.
I'm 35.
I don't want this to affect my life, the choices I make, my time with the boys.
But as time goes on, I know I will have to adapt things, make changes.
For the time though, I wait and see what is said.......

Sunday, 28 October 2012

For the Love of...........

.......Seth Lakeman.


Have you never heard of him?..........


Okay, so he's not everyone's cup of tea but he is very well known around these parts.

He is a folk singer, probably the country's best (in my opinion at least) and is from an extremely talented, musical family, who just happen to live not far from me.

Well, as I said Seth is well known around these parts and as a teenager went to our local community school where he played violin, very well. This is obviously big news in our house, as Beanie has now been playing for two years and wants to be like Seth Lakeman. (He doesn't realise yet just how much he needs to practice but hopefully that will come soon).

A few months ago I was browsing Facebook when I noticed that Seth was touring in October. I checked out his website and saw that for the last night of his tour he was playing in Plymouth, so I decided that we would go and see him. We bought three tickets, one for me, one for moors-daddy and one for Beanie, but decided that we wouldn't tell Beanie and that it would be a big surprise as well as a very late night.

We had managed to keep the secret for a couple of months. All the grandparents were in on it. The little two were dropped off at the in-laws and we headed into Plymouth. He knew we were going to the theatre, but he thought we were seeing the ballet and that nanny was coming with us. He didn't question our where abouts until we were parked in the car park. Then we showed him the tickets. His face an absolute picture!  We had booked dinner for the three of us at a restaurant and then went on to the Theatre Royal.

What can I say about the performance. It started with Seth's brother Sean and his wife, Kathryn Roberts, who were amazing in their own right. Her voice, absolutely stunning. His guitar playing out of this world. As moors-daddy and I sat, we could feel our chairs jiggling! Beanie bouncing up and down, feet tapping away on the floor.
Then Seth and the band came on, Beanie was sat upright, waiting eagerly in anticipation. If you like toe tapping music, his has that about it, you just can't stop. He is amazing and very talented and as Beanie pointed out they all play more than one instrument! His drummer (Cormac Byrne) is himself a fantastic musician, who I wish Monkey could see (our wannabe drummer). I could have watched him all evening on his own. But Seth has something very unique about him. Beanie just couldn't sit still, his legs were bopping up and down, his hands must have hurt, his clapping perfectly in time. He loved every minute. His smile huge. And then Seth played Beanie's favourite song, 'Kitty Jay'. his violin playing awe inspiring. Beanie's eyes were huge, full of pure delight. Mine and Beanie's legs and hands hurt from, just not sitting still and clapping to nearly every song.

"It's the best night ever, mummy"

We got home at 10:45pm, Beanie asleep in the back of the car. 

Whilst we were at the theatre, we bought Seth's latest album 'Tales from The Barrel House' recorded at Morwellham Quay, a couple of miles away, and it has been on all day today.  As for Seth, well he and his wife live about 150 yards away from our house, we pass it every day on our way to school, and we have seen them numerous times walking their dog on the down. Hopefully Beanie will have the confidence to talk to him next time he sees him up there and to tell him how much he enjoyed watching him. It was an amazing evening and if you ever get the chance to see him I strongly recommend it, you really won't be disappointed!

Friday, 26 October 2012

Down and Out.....

Some days are just so bad........ and today has been one of them.

Most of the times  I love my job, what I do and the kids I teach, other days I just want to walk right out of that school.  Why do teenagers have to be such hard work?

Days like this I hate, they put me into such a bad mood and a negative frame of mind. I have often thought about doing other (less stressful) jobs, but can never come up with anything that appeals, or that I am qualified for.

On days like these when my mood drops, I doubt my ability to do many things. Teach, parent and blog. I know that I am in the wrong frame of mind to think seriously about anything, but I also know that every little thing will get to me.

I think I am a crap teacher, I think my blog is shite, I think I don't spend enough quality time with the boys. I know it's not true, and some of my lovely year 11 girls have told me that today too. Those girls make me realise why I teach.

As for my blog, it's going one way, and that's down hill. I really struggle with my time, I have so much to do and just no time, I am working, trying hard to blog as well as get my head around my Masters, which three weeks In I am already struggling with (time -again) Part of me just wants to totally give up, never to return to it, part of me wants to delete all the posts and start again. Part of me wants to start totally afresh - try again, see if I can get it right.

I don't know what to do.

And of top of it all I am still waiting for my appointment with the rheumatology department about my arthritis.  My hands, wrists and fingers this week  have been very painful and writing and typing have been hard to do. I guess playing Netball with my year 11's on Monday wasn't my brightest of ideas!

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

The Moors - Pew Tor

Last weekend, moors-daddy was on the day shift, which meant that it was just me and the boys again.  I have tried to get them out and about a bit more, especially since Worm is now well established on his feet and is capable of walking as far as Monkey (if not further!) So even though I was alone with them I was determined that we would venture out onto the moors.
The last time we went up a tor, Beanie was little and Monkey and Worm hadn't even been thought about! Not far from where we live is a lovely little tor, that has a good footpath up to the top, and so in my madness and the grey skies, I decided that I would take all 3 of them and the dog for an afternoon walk.

So we went to the top of Pew Tor. Monkey and Worm walked, all the way (though Monkey did moan that his legs were tired as soon as we got out of the car!) But I was determined.

And here is the proof!!

One of the lovely thing about Dartmoor, is that scattered over the many tors are Letterboxes, rubber stamps put out by individuals and groups. They hide them under rocks on the tors, and there are clue books that can be bought, but if you know where to look, you are almost guaranteed to find one! It is great for encouraging and motivating the kids to walk. And yes we did find two, one had lost the stamp (more likely to have been taken by people who don't fully understand what it is all about, as so many seem to be these days) and another that was obviously originally a Letterbox, but that had morphed more into a Geocache. There were lots of goodies in the box to be taken, but we had nothing to leave, so printed out the stamp and left the treasure for the next people!
The boys loved the afternoon, and even though we weren't up there for long (about an hour and a half), they were so pleased about being out, that on our return to the car, when asked if they wanted to do it again their reply came very quickly in the form of 
"Yes, next week!"

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

It only takes ONE MUM

The “It Only Takes ONEMum” Meme
Seasider in the City, Claire, thought as a light-hearted way of getting everyone involved we could do something fun. It’s pretty simple and shouldn’t take too long. In an acronym stylee (if you know the actual word let me know!) take the letters of ONEMums (or ONEMoms) and create phrases or just words that sum up being a mum for you.
You can be as serious or witty as you like. Whatever you choose to do, make sure you add the link to sign up for ONE to your post and then add yourself to the linky on Seasider in the city's blog. Spread the word and encourage others to join in.

SO HERE'S MINE! It's not great but.....
Only 3!
No more.
Every one of them special but
Mummy needs some "me time!"
Unsure of when that will happen, so instead we will share
Magical moments together, that create
Special memories.

Elly x

Our Summer (Post 2)

So what else did we get up to this summer. Well in amongst all the rain that we had we had agreed to go to the Okehampton Show with our friends @katebray24 and baby Noah. We had planned it for a while, but the weather had been pants and the thought of going in the pouring rain, was some what unbearable.  But on the day itself, the weather turned out to be fine.  We had packed a lunch and the changing bag and had left Tavistock at around 10:30am. We drove up to Okehampton and joined the queue waiting to get into the show ground. I love agricultural shows, the diversity of the animals and exhibits that are on show never cease to amaze me and this one was no different, but first we had to get into it, and that in itself was problematic. As I drove the 'van' into the car park (aka field) my wheels started to spin, I stopped twice, unsure of whether I'd get it going again, but I did, I am still not sure how, but I managed to get it into a space. I had clear visions of getting well and truly stuck and being towed out, before I had even gotten into the main show area.
We waited for Kate and Noah, and I unloaded the car, the bags and the double buggy. We don't use the double buggy very often now, Monkey is getting better on his feet but I knew that a full day at the show, would leave him exhausted and that at some point he would collapse into the pram for a sleep.
We started off looking at the cattle. Some beautiful cows and bulls and calves for the boys to look at.  Some tiny and cute and the boys aahhhed at them, some so huge they didn't want to go near them! Worm's reaction was by far the strangest, obviously not accustomed to cattle and some what in awe of them he spent most of his time in the cattle area in tears, crying, I think because they were just so big and scary!
We walked around to see the horses next, most of them in the ring, jumping and galloping around, we had a look at the trade stands, before heading off to the WI tent, where we admired the crafts and vegetables, thinking we could do just as well and maybe next year we will enter! (Yeah right!) We saw sheep, lots of sheep, and Worm had chilled a bit by then and was willing to get out and stroke every one with his brothers. We saw goats, pygmy and big ones, and pigs too. Whilst Beanie and Monkey stood admiring the piglets, Monkey nearly got squished by a rather large mummy pig and he was far from impressed! We went into the rabbit tent and Beanie went into a very crowded poultry tent with the camera (there was no way the double buggy would fit in there!) We admired more crafts and looked at lovely looking food, but do you know we were so well behaved and didn't spend any money, though I could have quite easily! We had our picnic outside the goat tent, the boys devouring pretty much everything that was packed.
At the end of the day Beanie wanted to watch the ferret racing, which we did, both little ones were, by this time, fast asleep as predicted and whilst we were watching the ferret racing I received a phone call to meet up with moors daddy who had come to patrol the show. So we met up with our policeman, much to Beanie's delight. And we even treated him to an ice cream!
We were there from 11am -4:30pm, a long day that tired us all out but that was an amazing experience for the boys and one that we will be repeating next year (if the sun shines!)
Oh and getting out of the parking field was uneventful, by the time we left the organisers had put bark chippings all over the soggy bits!!

Elly xx

Thursday, 4 October 2012


(Again, I am struggling to get onto the blog. Having just signed up and ready to start the second module of my masters, time is a premium!!)

Yesterday I had a phone call from my mum. My dad's side of the family have had a tough 12 months. My dad's cousin was diagnosed with prostate cancer last year and went down hill fast. His wife has just sold their house and is moving up country to be nearer her children but that leaves her mother in law (my Great Aunt, in her 90's and amazing!) down here. My Great Aunt has another son who lives locally but was never as close as she was to the one who passed away last year. Yesterday's phone call was to say that my dad's other cousin's wife had gone to the doctor last week with chest pains and stomach cramps, was referred straight to the hospital and things weren't looking to good. My great Aunt, understandably was upset, but coping.
Tonight as I attempted to bath Worm, the phone rang. My mum again to say that this lady had died today. It is hard to believe that a fortnight ago, she knew nothing was wrong, to then be told that she was ill and that it was cancer and then a fortnight later she would be dead, is quite a shock. She is roughly the same age as my parents, and I think that is what shocks me most. That  now two people of their generation have died in the past 12 months. I know it is inevitable, but it is not something that I really want to think about, but I guess in a way it makes me appreciate what I have and what is to come a bit more.
The saying 'live each day like it's your last' means just a little bit more.