Friday, 26 October 2012

Down and Out.....

Some days are just so bad........ and today has been one of them.

Most of the times  I love my job, what I do and the kids I teach, other days I just want to walk right out of that school.  Why do teenagers have to be such hard work?

Days like this I hate, they put me into such a bad mood and a negative frame of mind. I have often thought about doing other (less stressful) jobs, but can never come up with anything that appeals, or that I am qualified for.

On days like these when my mood drops, I doubt my ability to do many things. Teach, parent and blog. I know that I am in the wrong frame of mind to think seriously about anything, but I also know that every little thing will get to me.

I think I am a crap teacher, I think my blog is shite, I think I don't spend enough quality time with the boys. I know it's not true, and some of my lovely year 11 girls have told me that today too. Those girls make me realise why I teach.

As for my blog, it's going one way, and that's down hill. I really struggle with my time, I have so much to do and just no time, I am working, trying hard to blog as well as get my head around my Masters, which three weeks In I am already struggling with (time -again) Part of me just wants to totally give up, never to return to it, part of me wants to delete all the posts and start again. Part of me wants to start totally afresh - try again, see if I can get it right.

I don't know what to do.

And of top of it all I am still waiting for my appointment with the rheumatology department about my arthritis.  My hands, wrists and fingers this week  have been very painful and writing and typing have been hard to do. I guess playing Netball with my year 11's on Monday wasn't my brightest of ideas!

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  1. Your doing an amazing job... You blog is fab and its always hard juggling work life and kids xxx plus your doing a masters as well wow xxx well done to you... but somehow we manage xxx don't give up your blog ... You have done some fab posts ...have a fab weekend