Sunday, 28 October 2012

For the Love of...........

.......Seth Lakeman.


Have you never heard of him?..........


Okay, so he's not everyone's cup of tea but he is very well known around these parts.

He is a folk singer, probably the country's best (in my opinion at least) and is from an extremely talented, musical family, who just happen to live not far from me.

Well, as I said Seth is well known around these parts and as a teenager went to our local community school where he played violin, very well. This is obviously big news in our house, as Beanie has now been playing for two years and wants to be like Seth Lakeman. (He doesn't realise yet just how much he needs to practice but hopefully that will come soon).

A few months ago I was browsing Facebook when I noticed that Seth was touring in October. I checked out his website and saw that for the last night of his tour he was playing in Plymouth, so I decided that we would go and see him. We bought three tickets, one for me, one for moors-daddy and one for Beanie, but decided that we wouldn't tell Beanie and that it would be a big surprise as well as a very late night.

We had managed to keep the secret for a couple of months. All the grandparents were in on it. The little two were dropped off at the in-laws and we headed into Plymouth. He knew we were going to the theatre, but he thought we were seeing the ballet and that nanny was coming with us. He didn't question our where abouts until we were parked in the car park. Then we showed him the tickets. His face an absolute picture!  We had booked dinner for the three of us at a restaurant and then went on to the Theatre Royal.

What can I say about the performance. It started with Seth's brother Sean and his wife, Kathryn Roberts, who were amazing in their own right. Her voice, absolutely stunning. His guitar playing out of this world. As moors-daddy and I sat, we could feel our chairs jiggling! Beanie bouncing up and down, feet tapping away on the floor.
Then Seth and the band came on, Beanie was sat upright, waiting eagerly in anticipation. If you like toe tapping music, his has that about it, you just can't stop. He is amazing and very talented and as Beanie pointed out they all play more than one instrument! His drummer (Cormac Byrne) is himself a fantastic musician, who I wish Monkey could see (our wannabe drummer). I could have watched him all evening on his own. But Seth has something very unique about him. Beanie just couldn't sit still, his legs were bopping up and down, his hands must have hurt, his clapping perfectly in time. He loved every minute. His smile huge. And then Seth played Beanie's favourite song, 'Kitty Jay'. his violin playing awe inspiring. Beanie's eyes were huge, full of pure delight. Mine and Beanie's legs and hands hurt from, just not sitting still and clapping to nearly every song.

"It's the best night ever, mummy"

We got home at 10:45pm, Beanie asleep in the back of the car. 

Whilst we were at the theatre, we bought Seth's latest album 'Tales from The Barrel House' recorded at Morwellham Quay, a couple of miles away, and it has been on all day today.  As for Seth, well he and his wife live about 150 yards away from our house, we pass it every day on our way to school, and we have seen them numerous times walking their dog on the down. Hopefully Beanie will have the confidence to talk to him next time he sees him up there and to tell him how much he enjoyed watching him. It was an amazing evening and if you ever get the chance to see him I strongly recommend it, you really won't be disappointed!

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