Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Our Summer (Post 2)

So what else did we get up to this summer. Well in amongst all the rain that we had we had agreed to go to the Okehampton Show with our friends @katebray24 and baby Noah. We had planned it for a while, but the weather had been pants and the thought of going in the pouring rain, was some what unbearable.  But on the day itself, the weather turned out to be fine.  We had packed a lunch and the changing bag and had left Tavistock at around 10:30am. We drove up to Okehampton and joined the queue waiting to get into the show ground. I love agricultural shows, the diversity of the animals and exhibits that are on show never cease to amaze me and this one was no different, but first we had to get into it, and that in itself was problematic. As I drove the 'van' into the car park (aka field) my wheels started to spin, I stopped twice, unsure of whether I'd get it going again, but I did, I am still not sure how, but I managed to get it into a space. I had clear visions of getting well and truly stuck and being towed out, before I had even gotten into the main show area.
We waited for Kate and Noah, and I unloaded the car, the bags and the double buggy. We don't use the double buggy very often now, Monkey is getting better on his feet but I knew that a full day at the show, would leave him exhausted and that at some point he would collapse into the pram for a sleep.
We started off looking at the cattle. Some beautiful cows and bulls and calves for the boys to look at.  Some tiny and cute and the boys aahhhed at them, some so huge they didn't want to go near them! Worm's reaction was by far the strangest, obviously not accustomed to cattle and some what in awe of them he spent most of his time in the cattle area in tears, crying, I think because they were just so big and scary!
We walked around to see the horses next, most of them in the ring, jumping and galloping around, we had a look at the trade stands, before heading off to the WI tent, where we admired the crafts and vegetables, thinking we could do just as well and maybe next year we will enter! (Yeah right!) We saw sheep, lots of sheep, and Worm had chilled a bit by then and was willing to get out and stroke every one with his brothers. We saw goats, pygmy and big ones, and pigs too. Whilst Beanie and Monkey stood admiring the piglets, Monkey nearly got squished by a rather large mummy pig and he was far from impressed! We went into the rabbit tent and Beanie went into a very crowded poultry tent with the camera (there was no way the double buggy would fit in there!) We admired more crafts and looked at lovely looking food, but do you know we were so well behaved and didn't spend any money, though I could have quite easily! We had our picnic outside the goat tent, the boys devouring pretty much everything that was packed.
At the end of the day Beanie wanted to watch the ferret racing, which we did, both little ones were, by this time, fast asleep as predicted and whilst we were watching the ferret racing I received a phone call to meet up with moors daddy who had come to patrol the show. So we met up with our policeman, much to Beanie's delight. And we even treated him to an ice cream!
We were there from 11am -4:30pm, a long day that tired us all out but that was an amazing experience for the boys and one that we will be repeating next year (if the sun shines!)
Oh and getting out of the parking field was uneventful, by the time we left the organisers had put bark chippings all over the soggy bits!!

Elly xx


  1. sounds like an amazing place to go, lots of fun and animals! :)

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful time xxx I love they way after long days out we are exhausted and the kids seam to always have more energy xxx