Tuesday, 30 October 2012


Having mentioned the other day that I was still waiting to hear from the hospital in reference to my referral, today I received a lovely letter from my GP, apologising for the delay.
Apparently she thought she had done it 'prior to her taking leave' and that obviously it hadn't been sent. So she had done it again and that I should hear in the next few days!

So I wonder what happens next.
Part of me is eager to get on with it.
Part of me doesn't want to know.
I know that it will get worse.
The pain at the moment is bearable (most of the time).
I try not to think about it and I don't tell moors-daddy how much it hurts.
Things you take for granted.......
Today I filled the car up with diesel, pulling the trigger on the pump caused pain in my wrist and thumb, using a tin opener, writing, typing, pushing the pram. I know I can take my medication that I have already been prescribed, but I hate taking medication. Though sometimes I have no choice.
I'm 35.
I don't want this to affect my life, the choices I make, my time with the boys.
But as time goes on, I know I will have to adapt things, make changes.
For the time though, I wait and see what is said.......


  1. My husband has osteoarthritis of the hip. Its severe and he's only 40 years old. He is in constant pain, and every day tasks are a chore. I have to put his socks on for him. He writes a blog although I don't think he's written anything about his arthritis yet, but I'm sure he would be interested to follow yours, so I will pass on your blog details to him.

    1. Thank you Karen, it would be great to read someone else's experiences and how they cope. I am waiting to see the specialist and I guess we take it from there.