Wednesday, 10 October 2012

The Moors - Pew Tor

Last weekend, moors-daddy was on the day shift, which meant that it was just me and the boys again.  I have tried to get them out and about a bit more, especially since Worm is now well established on his feet and is capable of walking as far as Monkey (if not further!) So even though I was alone with them I was determined that we would venture out onto the moors.
The last time we went up a tor, Beanie was little and Monkey and Worm hadn't even been thought about! Not far from where we live is a lovely little tor, that has a good footpath up to the top, and so in my madness and the grey skies, I decided that I would take all 3 of them and the dog for an afternoon walk.

So we went to the top of Pew Tor. Monkey and Worm walked, all the way (though Monkey did moan that his legs were tired as soon as we got out of the car!) But I was determined.

And here is the proof!!

One of the lovely thing about Dartmoor, is that scattered over the many tors are Letterboxes, rubber stamps put out by individuals and groups. They hide them under rocks on the tors, and there are clue books that can be bought, but if you know where to look, you are almost guaranteed to find one! It is great for encouraging and motivating the kids to walk. And yes we did find two, one had lost the stamp (more likely to have been taken by people who don't fully understand what it is all about, as so many seem to be these days) and another that was obviously originally a Letterbox, but that had morphed more into a Geocache. There were lots of goodies in the box to be taken, but we had nothing to leave, so printed out the stamp and left the treasure for the next people!
The boys loved the afternoon, and even though we weren't up there for long (about an hour and a half), they were so pleased about being out, that on our return to the car, when asked if they wanted to do it again their reply came very quickly in the form of 
"Yes, next week!"


  1. wow what a lovely view...Looks like fun xxx

    I have tagged you in my post- Getting to know you...

  2. How fantastic to have that on your doorstep, well done to your brood for managing such a lovely walk. I haven't heard of these 'Letterboxes' that you describe before, I might be making a good of myself now in assuming they're not like normal postboxes? ;-)

    Popping over from Country Kids

    1. Letterboxes are little rubber stamps that people leave on the moors, well hidden. You can purchase a clue book or just look under rocks! There are thousands out there. There is also a club for people who have collected over 100, 500 and 1000! Lots of pubs on the moors also have their own stamps. It's a great way of getting kids out on the moors!

  3. That sounds like an amazing adventure. Gorgeous photos x

  4. Great photos, that is some walk. The children must have felt very proud to have reached the top.

    Over from Country Kids.

  5. We are both so lucky having the Moors on our doorstep. My kids have the same fun on Bodmin moor with the Tors there forming interesting shapes and caves to explore. Perfect outdoor time for kids. Thank you for sharing on Country Kids.

  6. Look lovely and some great photos. I love the sound of the 'letterboxes' very intriguing!

    Over from Country Kids