Thursday, 15 November 2012


Bloody NHS.

I have my rheumatology appointment.

It came today in the post.

At first I thought great that's fab, next week, and then I double checked, nope.....

January 2013.

Are they serious?

I have to wait another two months, before I get seen.

I am currently signed off work.

Exhausted and in pain every day.

I am taking my meds daily now, which I do not like, and they are only anti inflammatorys.

I need to get to see them soon, so I know what is going on and how I can improve my life.

It is so depressing being in pain every day.

I struggle to hold my cup of tea!

My mood is probably the lowest it has ever been.

ARGH! So peed off!


  1. sorry to read this. can your GP prescribe you anything better for the pain? My hubby got other tablets to help. he also had his referral to consultant speeded up as he kept going back to the GP to say how bad the pain is. xx

    1. Thanks Karen, my GP is phoning me on Monday, so I will talk it over with him then. It's so frustrating.