Sunday, 30 December 2012

Silent Sunday

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Saturday, 29 December 2012

Water Baby

I will start by hoping that you have all survived Christmas, better than we have here. All 3 boys and myself have been unwell, with a variety of things. Monkey and Worm started it all off with Hand foot and mouth, which then turned into coughs and colds. Beanie was sent home on the last day of term with swollen glands and a sore throat, which has progressed to another snot fest, cough and sleepless nights. And I have just snivelled a bit!

The title today is about Worm, my water phobic boy!

Well I say water phobic, if you put him on the beach, he is first in, clothes and all, he loves the sea, the waves, the pools. But at home it's a different kettle of fish.

Put him in the bathroom and he screams, runs away, turn on the tap on the bath and it's a full blown tantrum. It got to the point where bathing him was just too stressful and so.....I didn't. He'd have the occasional strip wash but that would be it, too stressful for both of us.  And then it got to the point where he was just so dirty, that something had to be done. If I am honest, I don't have the energy to battle him and bathe him on my own, it takes everything out of me in every way. But I knew we had to combat this.
So this Christmas holiday has been a battle for both of us, with his baths and with his sleep. But mummy is winning. (I won't say 'won' yet just in case!)

We started off with him watching the other two in the bath, letting him get his clothes wet as he splashed and played. We tried to get him in with one of them but NO cue tantrum!
So next day we (that's moors-daddy too) ran about an inch of water and played, splashed etc etc, but No cue tantrum! We then emptied all the toys out of the toy box and put a small amount of water in there. He eventually got in and played, getting me and MD wet. He wasn't there long but it was progress.  A few days later we tried the bath again, an inch of water. He allowed us to put him in, he played, splashed and threw wets toys at us and laughed. The water did not go over his ankles, he wouldn't sit down, but again progress.
The next time he watched Beanie and tried to climb in fully clothes, I stripped him off and got him in (deeper water) and again he played and splashed but wouldn't sit down. A bit more progress. A bit more confident.
The next one, a little less water and he washed himself with his hungry caterpillar sponge, still stood up!!
Today a break though. Both Beanie and Monkey had been bathed beforehand. He had watched and splashed water over most of the bathroom. He let me put him in. He stood up and played and then I asked if he could put his knees in, he did, and then I asked if he could sit in it and yes he did that too. He played with the jug and his sponge. He washed himself and splashed and stayed in there for quite some time. PROGRESS. He even pulled the plug and sat there until all the water had gone!
Now we just have to work on hair washing!!

As for his sleeping, this holiday my baby has become a big boy. Not once has he fallen asleep on the sofa. Every night he has gone up to his bed, brushed his teeth and snuggled down. I have sat with him most nights, but tonight I have walked out and left him awake and I have heard nothing. He still wakes in the night, usually now just once, and some times he finds his own way up to us and others he just has a sip of milk, rolls over and goes straight back to sleep. I haven't sat on the bedroom floor at all, let alone for an hour and a half. My baby is finally growing up!

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Birthdays and Christmas

Today was Beanie's ninth birthday and I have spent the day building Lego. Last night we had 15 children for a pizza and movie party which started off quite manic but calmed once they were watching Ice Age 4. Beanie had one friend stay the night, both sleeping in the spare bed, asleep at 10pm and up at half seven. Where do they get their energy?
As for Christmas, this year I am struggling a bit. I don't feel at all festive and even with the decorations up and the excitement growing within the boys, I am struggling to find the energy or motivation. Moors daddy has Christmas eve and day off this year (the first time in a while) and so I sincerely hope that I find a little Christmas spirit soon. I think just general ill health (RA) and the fatigue that accompanies it is just making everything a little harder this year!

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Saturday is Caption Day!

It's lovely when they play nicely together!
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