Sunday, 16 December 2012

Birthdays and Christmas

Today was Beanie's ninth birthday and I have spent the day building Lego. Last night we had 15 children for a pizza and movie party which started off quite manic but calmed once they were watching Ice Age 4. Beanie had one friend stay the night, both sleeping in the spare bed, asleep at 10pm and up at half seven. Where do they get their energy?
As for Christmas, this year I am struggling a bit. I don't feel at all festive and even with the decorations up and the excitement growing within the boys, I am struggling to find the energy or motivation. Moors daddy has Christmas eve and day off this year (the first time in a while) and so I sincerely hope that I find a little Christmas spirit soon. I think just general ill health (RA) and the fatigue that accompanies it is just making everything a little harder this year!

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