Tuesday, 8 January 2013


I have finally succumbed. Beanie got it on the last day of term. He was sent home. (He must have been bad to be sent home on the last day of term). His symptoms, headache, sore throat, stiff neck, swollen glands. He lost his voice on Christmas Eve. Christmas Day was quieter than normal!! He didn't want to eat but forced two brussel sprouts and then asked to lie down! Monkey and Worm experienced coughs and lots of snot and a bit of fever but nothing as bad as their big brother, who was still exceptionally pale on New Years Day!  Me, well I thought I too had missed it all, a bit of a snivel over the festivities but nothing that really got to me. That is until Saturday, we took the boys to their swimming lesson, I was very hot in the pool, and didn't fancy joining moors-daddy for a fry up! When we returned home, I started shivering and then sweating. I put myself to bed in the afternoon, fever in full flow! Sunday the same, unable now to swallow too, stiff neck and headache joining in.  I called work to say I wouldn't be back. I am feeling better, loving the Lemsip but still not 100%, so am not in again tomorrow.
It seems however that a lot of people have had or are experiencing this now!
So lets hope 2013 improves and all the bugs go away quickly!

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