Friday, 18 January 2013


I didn't think we would get any, all the weather forecasts showed it missing our side of Devon.
But when Worm woke at 4:30 this morning I had a sneaky peek out of the window, and it was white.  I could see it coming down but it looked slushy and wet and I returned to bed, thinking that by the time I got up at 6am it would be all gone.
How wrong was I?
When the alarm went off I got out and instead of getting straight in the shower, i went downstairs and pulled back the lounger curtains. It was still white and I could see in the street lights that it was still falling.
I text my work colleague to see what it was like there- nothing!
I had to make the decision. The road was white, the gritters had not been up and my journey of through Tavistock and across the moor just wasn't going to happen.
I called in, possibly the only one affected by it!
The boys woke up excited by it all. Though Monkey till changed his mind as he realised he would have to walk to nursery. We left early, the boys well wrapped, Worm staying at home with moors-daddy. Beanie had on his waterproof trousers, wellies, coat, hat, scarf and gloves and Monkey had on his all in one waterproofs, his coat on over the top, hat and gloves.  His excitement changed as we started walking, the snow, turning to slush and getting slippery. His cheeks, rosy and his hands cold, even with his gloves on.  We dropped Beanie off, after watching his best friend, his mum and two sisters slide down their road and then Monkey and I carried on to nursery. The walk took me in total just over an hour, and when I returned my legs were cold and my ears hurting from the cold.
We then had to take the dog for his walk.  Worm was at home and has never experienced snow before. Last time we had any, he was 6 months and we didn't take him out. This time he was going! Unlike Monkey who has never really liked it, (I can remember it well when he was about 2, taking him up and him refusing to put his feet down and  let his wellies touch the snow!) Worm loved it, picked it up, threw it at us, lay it in, threw snow for the dog to chase, even falling in it didn't bother him!! As for the dog, our nearly 8 year old becomes a puppy again, tearing around in it, rolling in it, catching snowballs and chasing them as they roll in the snow!
I tried to get some pictures with my phone, but moors-daddy threw a snowball at me, some of it landed on my phone and it instantly died. I have since resuscitated it and so here are a few I got before the weather got the better of it!
all pictures copyright of moors-mummy

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  1. So you did get some snow!!!!We still have snow here and heat too!Boy does the heat make a difference :-) glad Worm had a nice time in the snow!Young Chipmunk loved it! X