Sunday, 24 February 2013

Feeling like 'poo'

"Mummy, 'Monkey' just called me poo!"

To be fair at this point today I had already had enough.

"Go and call him poo back!"

"'Monkey', you know you just called me poo, well you're poo too!"

That has been my day today.

Moors-daddy worked nights last night (and again tonight), and so in my attempts to keep the boys quiet and from not waking him, (in which I failed badly), they were playing, on the computers, in their bedrooms and in the garden. None of which worked. Beanie wouldn't help Monkey on Bin Weevils, Worm wanted to just be with Beanie and when Beanie and Monkey were playing Lego in Beanie's room, Worm wasn't allowed in, so stood outside screaming.  I retrieved him from the landing four times, whilst he did the turning rigid and lifting the arms up, making it impossible to hold him. Marched him back downstairs for him to escape and return back upstairs.

Eventually moors-daddy woke and beckoned all 3 to his bed side. I think this was after I threatened to walk out. Beanie wasn't impressed.

Yep, mummy was having a bad day.

A bad nights sleep last night, I had forgotten to take my medication, and aching hands and wrists all day.  By the time I came to prepare lunch, cutting vegetables brought tears to my eyes.

By the time moors-daddy woke and came downstairs he could see how unhappy I was.

It's always the little things that get to  me, and when they get to me they really get to me.  Today was one of those days.

And then moors-daddy dropped a bomb shell.

In six weeks time it will be our tenth wedding anniversary.  Two years ago we spent the weekend in Paris, this summer we are all going to France for a fortnight, and so I wasn't expecting anything for our anniversary but....

we are off to Spain for three nights, just me and moors-daddy. I can't remember exactly where but three nights without the boys and heat (20C, hoping that will help the joints!), m-d said we could go to Barcelona for a day but to be honest I would be quite happy just sat on the beach with my book for the whole time!

Excited and can't wait!

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Remembering some and praying for others.

My title should have changed.....

Life is so short..............

When you enter the blogging community you never know what lies ahead.  You become part of people's lives and they become part of yours. Even if you don't really know them and them you.

But you follow their stories, you laugh with them, share their memories, you cry with them.

These last ten days my eyes have cried a lot. The flood gates were opened and I have watched and read as stories unfolded in front of me. Grateful that my life is content and happy, my children and my husband by my side.

It started with Jennie's tragic story of Matilda Mae, a family in mourning for their beautiful brown eyed baby girl. Nine months old and taken in her sleep. 

Every parents worst feeling, thought and emotion.

As I read Jennie's story, I felt an unnerving need to have my boys near me, cuddling them and kissing them, smelling them, checking them, making sure they are okay. As I read Jennie's story the tears have rolled down my cheeks, time and time again.

And yet in her blog posts and tweets, I see a determined and strong lady who knows what she has to do, and from her posts and tweets I know that the journey ahead for her, her husband and the twins, will be extremely hard at times, but they will get through it -stronger as a family. She will never be forgotten and will remain in their hearts forever.

I cannot ever imagine having to plan the funeral of a child, no parent should ever have to but the reality is - it happens. I hope Jennie, David, William and Esther know how many people are there with them at this sad time and even though so many of us won't be there at Matilda Mae's funeral on March 7th, we will be thinking of them all and holding them in our thoughts and prayers. A beautiful baby girl, taken way too early.

Rest in Peace Matilda Mae.

And then another community I am associated with was hit by another tragedy.
On Saturday there was a horrific accident at G- Live in Guildford.  The tour manager of Fisherman's Friends was killed and one of the singers seriously injured.
Another shock.
I work at a school in North Cornwall, Port Isaac is in our catchment, a small close knit community. The singer injured, the husband of one of my colleagues.
Last night, Monday he lost his fight.
Another one gone too soon.
Rest in Peace Trevor.

I guess our prayers weren't answered!

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Monkey's latest achievement.

Well, the boy has done it!

Done what?

Monkey at 4 years and 5 months old has finally given up nappies for good.  Hurrah - only one more to go!

He's been dry in the day for over a year, but night time was causing us big problems.

He would wear a nappy to bed with his pjs over the top and in the morning the nappy, pjs and bed would all be wet. Sometimes it was every now and again, other times it would be every night. The little boys bedroom smelling of wee! Me constantly stripping the bedding, changing it for it to get wet again the next night.

Last week I bought him a reward chart, a smiley face for every dry night. On Tuesday he went to Granny and Grandad's as normal and granny had hinted that she might let him try without a nappy. At bedtime, he made the decision for her and told her he didn't want to wear it.
He was dry in the morning. He did it again at Granny's on Wednesday night, so when he returned home on Thursday we could not take a step backwards, so the nappy hasn't been back on.

We had a moment on Friday night, where he woke up saying he'd wet, but in actual fact had just had a little dribble and then got up and went to the toilet, i changed his pjs as the inside was only a tiny bit damp and he didn't want them back on, but they really weren't that bad.  He has made huge steps, and I was beginning to worry that he would never achieve this so am so glad that he has done it in his own time.

Next to work on is Worm, still fascinated by the others standing at the toilet, but showing no interest in the potty what so ever!

Saturday, 2 February 2013

RA - First Consultant Appointment

This is a copy of the post from my other blog RA-adventures, but just thought I'd let you know what is happening and where I am.
Elly xx

Well that's it.
I haven't written this straight after my appointment as I needed to get my head around it and what it all means.
My appointment was last week, the 23rd.
I went in with a relatively open mind. Not expecting a lot.
I had written every thing down as so many people have said too.
When I first got there I was sent down to a little room to have my height, weight, BMI and urine tested.
Then I went into see the consultant.
His first question (words) to me were What can I do to help you? Which if I am honest annoyed me a bit. Surely he should know, he should have some knowledge of why I was there. Never the less, I started to explain, using the notes I had made, what has been happening and my immediate reaction as I spoke was that he couldn't care less. I was liking him less and less. He listened, kind of, his eyes all over the place, and then when I had finished he asked to examine me.  I was told to undress, taking off my jeans, boots and socks.
He then started to push and prod all o my joints in turn. Moving my shoulder to it's limit, which isn't far at the moment and then working his way all over my body, pushing here and there, seeing what hurts and what didn't. Some places didn't hurt at first but after he had moved them and manipulated them they did the second time he touched them.
I really hadn't expected to get any sort of diagnosis, but really just expected him to examine me, do more tests and some x-rays etc, which he did do.
Before I went and had more blood taken and went for x-rays, he sat me down and told me what he thought.
Inflammatory arthritis /possibly rheumatoid and /or Fibromyalgia. Not what I expected at all.
He has put me on amitriptyline, 10mg for the first week and then increasing the dose by 10mg each week up to 50mg if needed. I am upping the dose to 20mg tonight as for the last few nights I haven't slept well, but the shoulder pain has decreased and isn't waking me at night as much as it was. I am still experiencing pain elsewhere, mainly in my right foot lately but the NSAID's do seem to help get me through my day at work at least. As for the fatigue, it's still bad, I still nap everyday and still then feel knackered and hubby has had to wake me to tell me to go to bed, after falling asleep on the sofa for the last few nights!