Sunday, 24 February 2013

Feeling like 'poo'

"Mummy, 'Monkey' just called me poo!"

To be fair at this point today I had already had enough.

"Go and call him poo back!"

"'Monkey', you know you just called me poo, well you're poo too!"

That has been my day today.

Moors-daddy worked nights last night (and again tonight), and so in my attempts to keep the boys quiet and from not waking him, (in which I failed badly), they were playing, on the computers, in their bedrooms and in the garden. None of which worked. Beanie wouldn't help Monkey on Bin Weevils, Worm wanted to just be with Beanie and when Beanie and Monkey were playing Lego in Beanie's room, Worm wasn't allowed in, so stood outside screaming.  I retrieved him from the landing four times, whilst he did the turning rigid and lifting the arms up, making it impossible to hold him. Marched him back downstairs for him to escape and return back upstairs.

Eventually moors-daddy woke and beckoned all 3 to his bed side. I think this was after I threatened to walk out. Beanie wasn't impressed.

Yep, mummy was having a bad day.

A bad nights sleep last night, I had forgotten to take my medication, and aching hands and wrists all day.  By the time I came to prepare lunch, cutting vegetables brought tears to my eyes.

By the time moors-daddy woke and came downstairs he could see how unhappy I was.

It's always the little things that get to  me, and when they get to me they really get to me.  Today was one of those days.

And then moors-daddy dropped a bomb shell.

In six weeks time it will be our tenth wedding anniversary.  Two years ago we spent the weekend in Paris, this summer we are all going to France for a fortnight, and so I wasn't expecting anything for our anniversary but....

we are off to Spain for three nights, just me and moors-daddy. I can't remember exactly where but three nights without the boys and heat (20C, hoping that will help the joints!), m-d said we could go to Barcelona for a day but to be honest I would be quite happy just sat on the beach with my book for the whole time!

Excited and can't wait!


  1. Wow lucky you, hope you have a fabulous time. Sounds like you need a rest. x

  2. The beginning of this post just made me laugh out loud! :) Kids are brilliant! Im sure i wont be saying that when Ted's throwing toys at me or calling me a bumhead but hey! :D Have a wonderful time :) x