Sunday, 10 February 2013

Monkey's latest achievement.

Well, the boy has done it!

Done what?

Monkey at 4 years and 5 months old has finally given up nappies for good.  Hurrah - only one more to go!

He's been dry in the day for over a year, but night time was causing us big problems.

He would wear a nappy to bed with his pjs over the top and in the morning the nappy, pjs and bed would all be wet. Sometimes it was every now and again, other times it would be every night. The little boys bedroom smelling of wee! Me constantly stripping the bedding, changing it for it to get wet again the next night.

Last week I bought him a reward chart, a smiley face for every dry night. On Tuesday he went to Granny and Grandad's as normal and granny had hinted that she might let him try without a nappy. At bedtime, he made the decision for her and told her he didn't want to wear it.
He was dry in the morning. He did it again at Granny's on Wednesday night, so when he returned home on Thursday we could not take a step backwards, so the nappy hasn't been back on.

We had a moment on Friday night, where he woke up saying he'd wet, but in actual fact had just had a little dribble and then got up and went to the toilet, i changed his pjs as the inside was only a tiny bit damp and he didn't want them back on, but they really weren't that bad.  He has made huge steps, and I was beginning to worry that he would never achieve this so am so glad that he has done it in his own time.

Next to work on is Worm, still fascinated by the others standing at the toilet, but showing no interest in the potty what so ever!

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