Saturday, 2 February 2013

RA - First Consultant Appointment

This is a copy of the post from my other blog RA-adventures, but just thought I'd let you know what is happening and where I am.
Elly xx

Well that's it.
I haven't written this straight after my appointment as I needed to get my head around it and what it all means.
My appointment was last week, the 23rd.
I went in with a relatively open mind. Not expecting a lot.
I had written every thing down as so many people have said too.
When I first got there I was sent down to a little room to have my height, weight, BMI and urine tested.
Then I went into see the consultant.
His first question (words) to me were What can I do to help you? Which if I am honest annoyed me a bit. Surely he should know, he should have some knowledge of why I was there. Never the less, I started to explain, using the notes I had made, what has been happening and my immediate reaction as I spoke was that he couldn't care less. I was liking him less and less. He listened, kind of, his eyes all over the place, and then when I had finished he asked to examine me.  I was told to undress, taking off my jeans, boots and socks.
He then started to push and prod all o my joints in turn. Moving my shoulder to it's limit, which isn't far at the moment and then working his way all over my body, pushing here and there, seeing what hurts and what didn't. Some places didn't hurt at first but after he had moved them and manipulated them they did the second time he touched them.
I really hadn't expected to get any sort of diagnosis, but really just expected him to examine me, do more tests and some x-rays etc, which he did do.
Before I went and had more blood taken and went for x-rays, he sat me down and told me what he thought.
Inflammatory arthritis /possibly rheumatoid and /or Fibromyalgia. Not what I expected at all.
He has put me on amitriptyline, 10mg for the first week and then increasing the dose by 10mg each week up to 50mg if needed. I am upping the dose to 20mg tonight as for the last few nights I haven't slept well, but the shoulder pain has decreased and isn't waking me at night as much as it was. I am still experiencing pain elsewhere, mainly in my right foot lately but the NSAID's do seem to help get me through my day at work at least. As for the fatigue, it's still bad, I still nap everyday and still then feel knackered and hubby has had to wake me to tell me to go to bed, after falling asleep on the sofa for the last few nights!


  1. I hope your pain eases soon. I just thought I'd say a quickie hello as I'm a first-time reader of your blog. I'm a mama of 5, living in Devon and blog over at Classroom Free. I look forward to reading more of your postings :)

  2. Hi Elly, I have been keeping up to date with your doctors assessments etc and as I've been reading it I was thinking it sounded a lot like fibromyalgia. My mother has it and she really suffers a lot of the time. I hope they tell you exactly what it is soon, it just makes it slightly easier to deal with when you know what it is x