Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Remembering some and praying for others.

My title should have changed.....

Life is so short..............

When you enter the blogging community you never know what lies ahead.  You become part of people's lives and they become part of yours. Even if you don't really know them and them you.

But you follow their stories, you laugh with them, share their memories, you cry with them.

These last ten days my eyes have cried a lot. The flood gates were opened and I have watched and read as stories unfolded in front of me. Grateful that my life is content and happy, my children and my husband by my side.

It started with Jennie's tragic story of Matilda Mae, a family in mourning for their beautiful brown eyed baby girl. Nine months old and taken in her sleep. 

Every parents worst feeling, thought and emotion.

As I read Jennie's story, I felt an unnerving need to have my boys near me, cuddling them and kissing them, smelling them, checking them, making sure they are okay. As I read Jennie's story the tears have rolled down my cheeks, time and time again.

And yet in her blog posts and tweets, I see a determined and strong lady who knows what she has to do, and from her posts and tweets I know that the journey ahead for her, her husband and the twins, will be extremely hard at times, but they will get through it -stronger as a family. She will never be forgotten and will remain in their hearts forever.

I cannot ever imagine having to plan the funeral of a child, no parent should ever have to but the reality is - it happens. I hope Jennie, David, William and Esther know how many people are there with them at this sad time and even though so many of us won't be there at Matilda Mae's funeral on March 7th, we will be thinking of them all and holding them in our thoughts and prayers. A beautiful baby girl, taken way too early.

Rest in Peace Matilda Mae.

And then another community I am associated with was hit by another tragedy.
On Saturday there was a horrific accident at G- Live in Guildford.  The tour manager of Fisherman's Friends was killed and one of the singers seriously injured.
Another shock.
I work at a school in North Cornwall, Port Isaac is in our catchment, a small close knit community. The singer injured, the husband of one of my colleagues.
Last night, Monday he lost his fight.
Another one gone too soon.
Rest in Peace Trevor.

I guess our prayers weren't answered!


  1. Too much tragedy around at the moment. I only heard about the Fisherman's Friends on line today. Poor Jennie is in my thoughts so much, she is so brave and I am looking forward very much to meeting her.

  2. Life is brief but love is long - what a beautiful quote. It's a shame it couldn't have been Life is as Long as Love. I don't cope well with tragedy, we have all taken this so hard, Jennie is so strong. xx

  3. Gosh so many awful things happening. I just hope all our support can help them through xx