Wednesday, 6 March 2013

World Book Day - love it or hate it?

I have to say that every year that Beanie has been in school 
the pupils have been expected to dress up for World Book Day,
 and every year it fills me with fear!
Usually because I have forgotten all about it until the last minute 
and we have no idea what to go as, 
have no time to make an outfit, 
or to be perfectly honest
 - just can't be bothered.
So far we have gone as Moonface from The Faraway Tree, 
normal clothes and a mask made from 
cardboard by drawing around a dinner plate!
The children from The Wishing Chair, with his 'girlfriend', 
who had decorated a small child's chair and put wings on it 
and Beanie just turned up in normal clothes!
Julian from The Famous Five.....normal clothes.

Are you seeing a pattern.....

Last year I think we totally forgot and he just went as himself.

And this year, we have put some thought into it, 
well I asked him what he wanted to go as and he didn't know.  
He is reading the Anthony Horowitz books about Alex Rider,
 and so we suggested that. 
A bit of research on Google and we have come up with......
black jeans,
 a white PE t-shirt, 
a black shirt with red stripes, 
black school shoes and a couple of gadgets. 
Beanie has informed me that he has a yo-yo and a key ring,
 so we have added them too. 
I don't know how accurate it is but it will do!
It at least beats all the fairy/princess dresses 
and Spiderman/ Batman costumes 
from all the other parents who can't be bothered!
So do you love it or hate it?........................

Oh and next year I will have to come up with two costumes 
as Monkey will be at school too!
Better start planning now!


  1. Tee hee I wrote a very moany post about world book day last week (here if you're interested:
    It fills be with dread, no doubt about that! We are now sorted with one Charlie Bucket and a Patty Farrel from Diary of a Wimpy Kid, both require no sewing or imagination lol!

  2. You sound just like me. Last year I panicked in the morning because I had forgotten and dived into the dressing up box and pulled out a knight outfit and told my son that he was going as Mike the Knight! Even though it's really a TV programme. x