Saturday, 25 May 2013

Been away awhile but I am still here......

I have been away.... not literally but I  just haven't had the energy or will to blog.

Lots of things have happened.... lots of things have changed..... or are going to change and part of me is unsure of how I feel about it.

My Rheumatoid Arthritis is still affecting me every day.  Somewhere there will be pain, in my fingers, wrists, knees or my shoulders which have given me a lot of pain in the last couple of months.  My doctor has been great and I now have co-codamol to take as and when I need it, to add to my collection of other medications.  I am still waiting for my follow up appointment with the consultant but knowing the good old NHS I could be waiting for some time!

The boys are all fine.  Beanie is off at his first ever cub camp.  He went last night at 6:30pm and was dropped off in a field, a bit apprehensive but quietly excited especially as moors-daddy had given him far too many sweets to  take with him. We pick him up on Monday at 2pm and hopefully he will return home, shower and go straight to bed!! Having heard from other parents that they don't stop all weekend, don't sleep and are exhausted!  Fingers crossed Beanie is too!

The little two are missing him especially Monkey who has shed tears today because Beanie isn't here to play with him.

By biggest problem has been my work, if I never had to go back it would be a good thing. I no longer have any feelings for that place. They have treated me so badly and I am being forced (bullied) into taking voluntary redundancy. I will take the money and run but I will tell them exactly what I think about them when I go. So I now have the prospect of no job, no money, which at the moment we can't afford. I guess I can do supply but that is something that I really don't want to do, if I have too, I think I will be doing key stage 2 instead of secondary.  I am also going to do some private tuition.  The only good thing is that I will be home to take Monkey to his first day at school in September.

In amongst all this, I have made the effort to start reading again. Something I did a lot of before I had the boys, but I can count the number of books I have read since having them on one hand.  In the last few months I have read more than I have in all those years, so I intend to write some reviews for some of my favourite ones. So keep reading.......

So that's what's going on in the moors household.  We have a birthday on Tuesday, it's hard to believe that Worm is going to be 3. It goes so quickly, time just seems to fly.

I hope I can get back to my blog, to start doing it justice again. But I guess only time will tell...!

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  1. Hey lady SO good to see you back blogging!!!!!! I was only thinking about you lately and I couldn't believe it when I saw your name on my Reader..... welcome back!!
    I'm real sorry to hear about your job,no loyalty from bosses these days is there :-/ and fancy Worm being three,growing up fast! X