Friday, 31 May 2013

Books, books and more books.

Well this is something I have been meaning to do for a long time but to be honest since having my first child nearly 10 years ago (that alone is a scary thought in itself), I have lost my passion for books and reading.
Before I had children I used to be 'a book a week girl',  I would read in bed at night and in the morning at the weekend, those were the days when I could stay in bed till lunch time curled up with a novel.
Days that are long gone and forgotten but in my heart I wanted to get back to reading, wanted to find the time to do it.
Unfortunately and I am quite ashamed to admit this, but it was last summer that I started to rediscover my love of reading, the bit I am ashamed to admit is that it was The Fifty Shades trilogy that rekindled my love  but on a Kobo!  I was bought a Kobo for my birthday and wondering what all the hype was about I downloaded the trilogy.  To be honest I wasn't overly impressed by the books,I definitely understand the hype, but really is that the best fiction we can find?! I remember little from them apart from I found mistakes in all three!! (I should be a proof reader!) but having previously thought I would never part from a physical book I had found a new love - my Kobo. Mine is the old wifi version, and I have to admit as great as is it I would love a touch screen one. We bought Beanie one as his bookcase was over flowing and his Mini is so nice and much easier to work!
Since then I have read many books, I am on Goodreads so if you too are a bookworm pop over and add me so I can see what everyone else is getting their noses into.
And as my health is up and down at the moment I seem to be finding more and more time to read. So I plan to review what I am reading so that you too can read (or not) books that I love!

My first review, coming in a few days, will be 'The Snow Child' by Eowyn Ivey.

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