Sunday, 16 June 2013

Family Life update...

Things have been really hectic, sometimes painful, and  some things have been really testing and have upset me beyond belief.

There will be a lot of change in the moors household in the next few months, and even though the 'hell' is still on going at the moment, I know that come September things will all be for the better and that life will move on - as it should do.  I know I will be more positive once things are all organised and prepared and I will tell you all about it one day, but now just isn't the time.

The boys are fine, fantastic, annoying, tiring, so nothing really new there!!

Beanie is reaching the end of term and the school year and the tiredness shows.  His moods are more frequent, his attitude turning and his ability to focus and concentrate is lacking... he needs the summer holidays.

Monkey is getting ready to leave nursery and to take the next step and start big school.  He has a place at the same school as Beanie who will be in year 5 this September. Monkey is so excited asking if he can wear his uniform every day and tonight he has signed his school agreement, writing his name beautifully on the form!  I can't believe how quickly the time has gone, he will be the oldest in his class and will be 5 on his first day. We have a home visit in a couple of weeks (better get tidying!!) and then a few afternoon visits in July to look forward too.  Oh and his best friend will  be going with him so he is overjoyed.

Worm, is Worm..... last week we had an amazing week. Hitting 3 has changed him (slightly) and for every night last week he slept right through.  It all went pear shaped this weekend with him waking again but it can't go on forever - well that's what I keep telling myself anyway.  He unfortunately thinks that because he has now moved up to 'Butterflies't nursery with Monkey that he too is going to big school in September. I think we may have a few problems then but hopefully he will make some new friends at nursery and not just play with his brother.

Health wise, I haven't been too bad, my fingers are the worst at the moment but it is mainly when carrying things. Yesterday I was on the go all day and felt awful this morning and the fatigue hit again but with moors-daddy working I have been with the boys all day today too, so fingers crossed I get a good night tonight and catch up on some sleep that is desperately needed.

I've just finished another book and started another too, so review will be up in the next couple of days if not sooner!

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