Sunday, 7 July 2013

Where does time go?

It amazes me sometimes when I look at them, and when I realise how quickly they seem to grow.

We are currently at different stages, with the little two. Worm has moved up to Butterfly at Nursery, now with Monkey.  And Monkey is getting ready to start big school.

We had our home visit last week.  Monkey was a little shy, and put on his silly voice for his teacher and TA.  But at the end of the day he is so ready to start. He is full of excitement and asks regularly if he can wear his school shorts.  He has a visit with nursery on the Tuesday (9th July) and he can't wait, his uniform is here ready and waiting for him to wear to school for a hour and a half!!

He really is a point where he could start tomorrow and he wouldn't care in the slightest, however, I think our problem lies with Worm, who seems to think that now he is with Monkey at nursery, he will also be going to big school. When Monkey's teacher and TA were here, Worm's response to everything was "Me too". I know come September when he realises that it is just him going to nursery it will hit and the tears will flow, they do love being together.

Beanie has been looking at secondary schools. We visited the community college at Callington a couple of weeks ago, which was really good, lots for him to do and try and he came away really positive. This week he has visited the boys grammar school and he loved that too (which pleased mummy) so we are now at a point of starting to think about tutoring him for the 11+, something I will do myself. I am glad that he liked it as it is our preferred school but the choice had to be his!!

We are all looking forward to the holidays, they boys don't finish until the 24th, but I'm done in on the 19th!! Yippeee!  It is also my birthday this week, (lunch with girlies planned)  and there still seems like there is loads left to do before we break up........
..................................................................................and lets hope this weather continues! :)

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