About us

Me. 35 years old, a teacher (part time) and mum to three boys. I love to read, walk on the beach and the moor, cross stitch, swimming and most sports. When did I last do these things..... years ago before the kids arrived and I am now in the process of getting my life back as the boys get older, though, it's hard to do anything when married to a shift worker!

Husband. 38 years old, a policeman. Works in a rural station on the edge of the moor.

Son 1. 'Beanie' 9, loves swimming, tennis, playing the violin and piano and adores spending time at the beach. Obsessed by Star Wars and knows everything about it. A bright boy with a great sense of humour and a touch of OCD!

Son 2. 'Monkey' Well what can i say about son 2.  4 years old but wants to be 9 like someone else! Very funny. Talks non stop, very expressive, caring and loving when HE wants to be. Potty training is now complete, dry by day and night!

Son 3. 'Worm' 2, finding his personality. A chuckle bum! Stubborn, defiant and the worst terrible two's out of the three of them! A natural walker even though it took him so long to learn, there is now no stopping him. Loves his big brothers and would watch them all day. About to start on the Potty training regime!

Dog. Black lab, stupid. 8 years old with arthritic hips!

Cats x 3. Including one with only one eye!